SO Many! RAW BIRTH-Spring Lambs on our ALASKAN Homestead!

SO Many! RAW BIRTH-Spring Lambs on our ALASKAN Homestead!

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We have been anticipating this day! We began our homestead in Alaska in 2022. Steadily, we've been building up the homestead to be as self-sustaining as possible. Our flock of sheep will provide our family with fresh, homegrown meat & dairy! Today, our spring lambs are born...the flock is growing & we're so EXCITED! We hope you enjoy this VLOG watching these beautiful babies as they enter the world for the 1st time. In addition to the lambs, we're beginning our chicken tractor build as our meat birds have out grown their brooder boxer & need to be moved asap. Thanks for joining us for another video, cheers!

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By: Home Free Alaska
Title: SO Many! RAW BIRTH-Spring Lambs on our ALASKAN Homestead!
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