Avoid These 5 SD Card Trail Camera Mistakes

Avoid These 5 SD Card Trail Camera Mistakes

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May 7, 2024
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While we are all overwhelming fortunate to be past the 35mm Trail Camera era, the digital revolution hasn’t eliminated all of our user frustrations tied to poor data recording. Although we may not all know the technical differences between cards, we do know what function they serve and how seamlessly they store trail camera pictures and videos on a card.

But what about the problematic times, when the camera doesn’t write to a card, you have corrupt files, or you experience any number of the other glitches? Is it the camera? Maybe the batteries? The card? User error? Or a combination?

Well today, we're diving into some of the most common SD card mistakes we see on a regular basis.

1. Using SD Cards in Multiple Devices
2. Not Formatting Your Trail Camera on a Computer
3. Using SD Cards With Fast Writing Speeds
4.Using Micro SD Cards
5. Not Replacing SD Cards After Years

Everything You Need to Know About SD Cards and Trail Cameras - http://bit.ly/2Tf7uT6

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By: Exodus Outdoor Gear
Title: Avoid These 5 SD Card Trail Camera Mistakes
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